Can You Spray Polyurethane? | The Procedure

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Polyurethanes are a versatile product for getting a shiny and smooth surface. Polyurethane can be applied on the wooden surface by brushes or damp cloth, but having an even look is trickier with them. So can you spray polyurethane to get an even and glossy finish?

Spraying a product directly over the surface gives a more even look than brushing the product over the surface. Also, the sprayer helps the whole process get quicker. So if you are wondering whether it’s possible to spray poly or not, then yes, it’s possible.

Here in this article, we will discuss how you can spray polyurethane on your desired item. 

Can You Spray Polyurethane
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Can You Spray Polyurethane?

The answer is affirmative; you can spray polyurethane on your projects. The applying process is not that difficult but takes a couple of hours. When you apply polyurethane over any surface, it can increase durability, provide a hard gloss to the surface, reduce dust and pollen infiltration, and more. 

What will you need?

You don’t need too many things to spray polyurethane on the wooden floor or over any project’s surface. All you need a sprayer gun kit that includes almost all the necessary equipment and oil-based and water-based polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethanes are a bit riskier than water-based as they are combustible. So be careful with it. 

How do you Spray Polyurethane?

There are so many ways to spray polyurethane with a gun spray. You can use two types of products to spray polyurethane, oil-based products, and water-based products. Oil-based products are mixed, and they are usually cleaned up with thinner paint. 

And water-based products are mixed, and they are polyurethane built with water. On the other hand, oil-based products are also combustible, which means they can catch fire and burn easily. 

That’s why the applying process may differ for different types of polyurethane. Here are the simple steps of spraying polyurethane:

  • Prepare the project first for spraying polyurethane by using sands to prep the surface, filling any holes, then removing all the stains. 
  • Then choose a dust-free environment and place the project there.
  • Prepare the sprayer in the right way so that polyurethane doesn’t come out without pushing the trigger.
  • Mix the polyurethane. Polyurethane doesn’t want to stick easily; that’s why it’s necessary to start sand between coats and make the base coat first. 
  • Now spray the polyurethane on the project, keep your wrist stiff while spraying. Apply at least 2 to 3 coats of polyurethane for better results.
  • Repeat all the steps 4 to 6 times.

Which gun spray is the best for polyurethane?

You can easily apply polyurethane over the surface of your project with a spray gun. Applying polyurethane on your projects can increase durability, can work as heat resistance, and also protect the wooden surface. Here are the two best gun spray for spraying polyurethane:

  1. Siphon Feed Spray Gun

If you look for a professional type spray gun, then a Siphon feed spray is a great option. This one is mostly used for medium to large-sized painting works like home, automotive, and furniture applications. Siphon Feed needs a compressor of 7-12 CFM. In the Siphon Kit, you will get an extra spanner, handle brush, and 100 mesh filter. A ¼ NTP female plug is also included in the whole kit.

  1. Professional Spray gun by Global Brand TCP

This spray gun is only weighing around 3 pounds that have a 1-liter aluminum cup and a 2.5 mm fluid tip. You can create a constant pattern of spray as they include a stainless-steel needle. In the TPC kit, you will find a spanner wrench and hex wrench. The kit also comes along with a brush for cleansing, an extra fluid filter, and an air pressure regulator that is lockable.

Tips for Safe Spraying of Polyurethane

Here are a few safety tips for spraying polyurethane: 

  • Always make sure you are wearing a chemical mask to avoid inhaling the fumes as they are not good for your health. 
  • While applying spray in a vertical position, stay focus.
  • Always apply coats in a thin layer; that’s how the coats will dry fast and will not get ruined easily.
  • If you run the polyurethane in the wrong direction, use a razor or blade to remove them after drying. 
  • Before you start the spraying process, make sure all your safety measures are placed. 
  • Stay focused on the application angle, and a stiff wrist angle is recommendable for a better finish.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is there a Better Way to Apply Poly?

The easy and better way of applying poly is simple. First, you need to set up the place and prepare the project correctly to apply the polyurethane. Then prepare your spray gun and mix the polys. Now apply 2 or 3 coats of poly on the surface; that’s it.

How to Apply Polyurethane: Brush On, Wipe-On, or Spray?

Every polyurethane has its own application method. You can brush the poly as well as wipe them and spray them too. But the best way among them is to use a sprayer. It helps the poly spread all over the place nicely and also makes the surface look more even. 

What is the best water-based polyurethane for spraying? 

The Rust-Oleum Varathane is the most famous and widely used water-based polyurethane. They are more versatile and provide a clear finish on the surface. They also can be used for various purposes. 

Can I spray oil-based polyurethane?

Sure, you can spray oil-based polyurethane on your subject. But using them with water-based poly gives you a better finish look. But you must use separate gun sprays for applying them.

Can you spray polyurethane on Table Tops?

Yes, You can spray polyurethane on table tops. You just need the perfect polyurethane for your table and you are good to go.


You can spray polyurethane on your favorite project to make it look glossier. They not only make your project glossy but also make it durable, protect from heat resistance and also form a quick insulate. On top of that, you don’t require too many products to apply the poly.

You need only a sprayer and poly, but you need some extra things to protect yourself like chemical masks and hand gloves. You can also use a blade to get rid of extra polys. We hope this article was helpful for you to learn how to spray polyurethane. 

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