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Can You Paint Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Primer?

Painting Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Primer

Painting is a fun job until you’ve to decide whether you should apply latex paint over oil-based primer or not. Most people are used to using oil-based paint over oil-based primer & can’t think of using anything else.  If you’re a homeowner & trying to figure out whether it’s okay to use latex paint over …

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Can You Mix Stain And Polyurethane Together?

Mixing Stain And Polyurethane Together

Wood staining offers a natural shiny look as it’s transparent & exposes the wood grains. However, the major drawback of stain is the insufficient color option. You won’t find it easy to satisfy yourself with the available colors if you’re very color picky. Don’t worry; mixing poly & stains could be a solution.  This article …

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Can You Paint Over Stained Wood Without Sanding?

painting over stained wood without sanding

Stained wood performs the best until you’re trying to paint it again with another color. Why? Because paint doesn’t adhere to the slippery surface of stained wood. To encounter the slippery surface problem, you’ve to sand it thoroughly.  You might be wondering if there’s an alternative to sanding before painting stained wood. To know whether …

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How Long Does Polyurethane Take To Cure? | 3 Main Factors

How Long Does Polyurethane Take To Cure

Polyurethane can protect your floors and woodwork from damages using quality products correctly. No matter what type of polyurethane you use, you’ll surely see the benefit in the long run. From fungus to mildew, polyurethane can make your floor resistant to these harmful elements.  That’s about the good stuff about polyurethane. But the question remains, …

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