Best Sealers for Redwood Fence in 2022: Make it real!

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Are you into woodworking? It’s a great hobby that is also becoming a popular profession day by day. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will need a sealer for the best woodworking results. It helps in keeping the wood surfaces safe from snow, moisture, rain, and UV ray damage.

However, finding a quality sealer that works is a bit difficult. That’s why I am here with the ten best sealers for the redwood fence to help you out buying one. So, without wasting any time, let’s get going with the sealers right away.

Best Sealers for Redwood Fence Reviews

All the products I talk about here come of good quality. So, you won’t have to worry about quality with these. Different options are suitable for different purposes so you can choose one based on your preferences. Let’s get started.

01. Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain REDWOOD 5-gallon

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When choosing a quality sealer for redwood, this is the very best you can get. It comes with excellent performance that can satisfy professional woodworkers as well. If you have got any large job of the redwood fence, this is the one to rely on.

Coming to the coating, you will love how it just coats up the whole wood so flawlessly. It properly draws into the wood and gives it an excellent stain on top. The colors are near perfection and look very good once you are done coating your wood with this one.

This is a 5-gallon container, so you don’t have to buy a whole lot of them to complete your project. It frees you up from the hassle of buying sealers every time you are done using them. And it comes with 2 years of guarantee, so you are pretty much set for two years with a gallon.

Another thing to love about this one is that it’s easy to use. You don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to get this thing working right. Even if you are a beginner, you can use this one, thanks to the included instruction it comes with.


  • Quantity: 5 gallons  
  • Coverage: 625sq feet
  • Colors: 7 color options
  • Opacity: Transparent


  • It gives great protection against UV rays and weather conditions
  • The transparency in the stain reveals the wood grains
  • You can complete a large job with a single 5-gallon container
  • The sealers work great for offering inhibitor protection
  • It’s very easy to use with instructions


  • This one can be a bit expensive for the hobbyist
  • This one gives you the best performance and quality of stain you can expect.

02. Olympic Stain 56504-5 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer

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Need a stain and sealer in one container? Then this olympic stain has got you covered with that. It does both the job exceptionally well and gives you the satisfaction you always wanted to have. As for the quantity, you don’t need to worry about that even a little bit and this is a redwood naturaltone color.

The best part of this sealer is its protection capabilities. No matter what kind of weather you face, this one can protect your wood from any damages. The waterproofing protection on this one is so good that it even protects the wood from cracking.

With this olympic stain sealer, you don’t have to worry about the UV rays either. It gives total protection to your woodwork and keeps the coating intact from harmful UV rays. Also, it keeps the colors of your wood from fading away due to sunlight.

It comes in a 5-gallon size which makes it suitable for all kinds of jobs. Whether you are working on a large job or a small one, you can use this one without needing anything extra.


  • Quantity: 5 gallons 
  • Coverage: 850+ sq feet
  • Colors: Redwood Naturaltone
  • Opacity: Transparent


  • This is pretty easy to use, even for beginners
  • It provides excellent protection with the stain coating
  • The sealer can withstand any inhibitor factors
  • You get both sealer and stain in the same package
  • It contains more than enough quantity to cover large jobs


  • It’s a bit expensive for smaller jobs
  • If you are looking for a combo of stain and sealer, this is the best one to grab.

03. KILZ L832111 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain

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Are you craving a long-lasting stain finish on your redwood fences? Then this is the one you should pick. It comes with a durable stain and promises to last till you are satisfied with the results. In short, you will love it.

Whether it’s the sun or the rain or snow, you get protection from anything with this one. And the protection is just for mere days; it can protect your fences or decks for years. So, you don’t need to worry about using stains for a long time in the coming.

The best part is you don’t need to do any prep for this one to work wonders on your wood. You can skip the prep and still end up with great results from this one. The color you get at the end is just too satisfying to watch.

Lastly, this is super easy to use. You don’t have to go through any hassle at all to use this one. Just follow the basic instructions for using a sealer, and you are good to go.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 250 sq feet
  • Colors: Cedar
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent


  • You get excellent durability from this stain.
  • 1 gallon can cover 250 sq feet area, which is more than enough for a smaller job
  • It protects your woodwork from all kinds of adversities
  • The stain is super easy to use and doesn’t require much prep
  • It’s value for money without any questions


  • The texture and thickness of the coating may concern some users
  • When you want the best durability in your stain, this is the perfect sealer to go for.

04. Ready Seal 520 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood, 5-Gallon, Redwood

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If it’s about getting the most value out of your sealer, this one never disappoints. While it’s less expensive than some premium products, it’s more effective than them in the application. You will never complain about anything when you get this one in your hands.

The best part about this sealer is that you don’t need any primer for using this. You get perfect adhesion from the sealer even without using any primer. This not only saves up costs but also makes the process much more convenient for you.

For protection, you get some high-quality value from this. It makes sure your wood is protected from any kind of mold, mildew, UV rays, rain, and snow. So, once you put this on your woodwork, you can just relax and not worry about damages.

Coming to the usage factor, it’s just the easiest to use. You don’t have to go through any back brush strokes to complete the work. This one is simply blended to the wood surfaces by itself once you apply it. And it doesn’t leave any kind of runs or laps whatsoever.


  • Quantity: 5 gallons 
  • Coverage: 625 sq feet
  • Colors: Redwood
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent


  • It’s worth the money you pay for it
  • The sealer is very easy to use and doesn’t leave any runs
  • You don’t need a primer to use this one on your wood
  • This one provides excellent protection from diversities
  • It gives great color after application


  • There is nothing in particular
  • This sealer gives you the best value out of any sealers out there.

05. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

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As a hobbyist, you probably don’t need a lot of sealers; in that case, you can get a 1-gallon pack. This is one of the best ones you can get in a 1-gallon pack that comes with great quality. Moreover, it’s a water-based wood stain which makes it environment friendly as well.

If you ever worry about fading or darkening issues on your wood, this can help you a lot. It has got resistance for both the issues and keeps your wood looking good.  

Something great about this is the easy maintenance feature. Once you see the stain getting dull, all you have to do is clean up your wood with some water and soap. Then, you apply a layer of stain, and that’s it. You don’t have to strip the stain it has neither you have to sand it.

While it’s easy to maintain, it’s also easy to use. You can use a brush or spray whichever you want to apply on your wood. The process is also pretty simple, so you don’t go through a lot of trouble with this one.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 250 sq feet
  • Colors: Redwood
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent


  • The stain is water-based, so it’s environment friendly
  • It’s very easy to maintain without requiring stripping or sanding
  • You can use it easily with a brush or spray
  • Your wood looks as good as new after applying this one
  • It gives the wood resistance against fading and darkening


  • You have to work fast as it dries out quickly
  • It doesn’t last for a long time
  • You can get this stain if you work on DIY projects, as it’s best for DIY purposes.

06. #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

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Now, this is a reasonably priced wood stain you can get. If you need a stain for using a couple of times, then this is a good pick. It doesn’t cost you too much, yet does the job quite well.

With this stain, you can expect a nice and even finish on your woodwork. The color is perfect and makes the wood look very good. It prevents your wood from fading or graying with proper protection against the sun.

Have you got damp wood? Well, no need to worry at all. You can apply this one on damp wood without thinking twice. With this feature, you don’t need to wait long for staining after cleaning.

If you think about nature a lot, then you love to use this semi-transparent wood stain. Because it’s a water-based stain that doesn’t harm the environment at all. So, Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain it’s an eco-friendly solution that keeps your wood looking good for a long time.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 100 sq feet
  • Colors: Cedar
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent


  • This is very easy to use stain with just three basic steps to follow
  • The stain finish looks quite good and satisfying
  • It protects your wood from graying and fading
  • You can use this one even on damp wood
  • This is a very reasonably priced stain for woodwork


  • It doesn’t have good coverage
  • The finish doesn’t last for long
  • If you have got a small DIY project, then this is a great pick for small projects.

07. Flood Series FLD521-01 1G CWF-UV

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Don’t you like the shiny finish on your wood? Then this can be a great option to go with. It comes with more of a wet look rather than a glossy finish on your wood. So, if you are looking for that kind of look, then this is the way to go.

While this one has a unique look to it, it’s also quite affordable. As for the coverage, this does a great job with a 1-gallon pack. You can use it to cover up around 150sq feet with ease.

Coming to usability, it’s not that difficult to use at all. Just follow the basic method of straining on wood, and you will be good. It also has a water and soap cleanup feature, which makes it easy to maintain.

Now, the protection you get from this one is just too good for the price. It can protect your wood against all kinds of moisture and mildew. Along with that, it protects against UV rays as well, so you can rest assured of the protection.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 150sq feet
  • Colors: Redwood
  • Opacity: Solid


  • It comes with a matte finish that you might like
  • This one is very much affordable for temporary use
  • You can use this very easily
  • It gives excellent protection to your wood
  • The stain wears quite well


  • It doesn’t have a lot of coverage
  • It’s not that great for professional usage
  • For anyone who wants to avoid that glossy finish on the wood, this has the best matte finish for you.

08. Cabot 140.0017417.007 Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Low VOC Exterior Stain

No products found.

When you need good coverage from your stain, this is the one that will satisfy you. This can even get your job done in one coating, which makes it special for many people. Along with that, it does have quite a lot of value to it.

A great thing about this stain is its easy application. You don’t need to do a whole lot to apply this correctly. Also, you will have to use only those who make it a lot easier to work with for this specific stain.

For protection, this one comes with fade and scuff resistance. Your wooden fence or deck will have a longer-lasting finish due to this protection from this stain. Also, it has great protection against UV rays even with just one coating.

It also offers easy maintenance with soap and water. You can simply clean it up using soap and not worry about damaging the coating at all. This also gets your wood rid of dullness.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 250sq feet
  • Colors: Redwood
  • Opacity: Semi-Solid


  • It provides great protection against fade, UV rays, and scuff
  • The stain is super easy to apply on wood
  • It has excellent coverage with one coat application
  • You can get easy maintenance on this
  • The results you get are beautiful to look at


  • It doesn’t last for a long time
  • You can’t add more than one coat even if you want to
  • For a one-time job and total coverage, this can surely be your pick for the best coverage capabilities.

09. Thompsons Waterseal 41851 Gl STN Tran Woodland Cedar

No products found.

Are you tired of rain damaging your redwood fences? Then this is the best thing you can go for. No other stain can give you protection for water like this one. Your wood and wood surfaces will never have any water damage as long as the stain coating is there.

The fact that it’s so easy to apply makes it a great option to have for all beginners. You can use the basic method for applying stain and it just works fine. You don’t need any preparation for applying this one.

What you will love about this is the color, especially if you are looking for the Cedar color. It just makes any Redwood look much better if they have gone dull over time. This is something you will keep admiring about this one.

Now, the best part of this stain is its longevity. Once you use this on your wood, you can relax for 2 years. It doesn’t ruin the natural wood grain and it gives your wood protection for two years without any issues whatsoever.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 150sq feet
  • Colors: Cedar
  • Opacity: Transparent


  • You get the best water protection from this one
  • The stain comes with ease of application even for beginners
  • You can expect this to last at least 2 years
  • It also gives protection against UV rays, mildew, and fading
  • This one gives your wood a beautiful look


  • The coverage isn’t that good on this one
  • Use this one to get the best water protection for your redwood fences.

10. STORM SYSTEM Storm Protector Penetrating Sealer & Stain Protector

No products found.

Now, this is another professional quality sealer to end this list. When you need a sealer that lasts for a long time, this is the one you go for. This one can beat any brand out there in terms of longevity without any questions.

Coming to the aspect of looks, it’s just awesome. The finish you get from this is just too good to be true. The color looks very beautiful on your redwood and you will surely be satisfied with what you get from this sealer.

As for the usage, all I can say is even if you have never done any stain work, you can use this one. It’s very easy to use on compatible types of wood. You don’t need to follow any special procedure to apply this one which makes it beginner-friendly.

The stain can penetrate quite deep into the wood which gives it greater protection. You can rest assured that your wood won’t have any mildew or mold damage as long as it’s there. While it does that, it also doesn’t ruin the natural wood grain which is a plus for you.


  • Quantity: 1 gallon 
  • Coverage: 150sq feet
  • Colors: Redwood
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent


  • The durability you get from this is impressive
  • It makes the wood look much more alive and colorful
  • This one is very much easy to use
  • It works with most types of woods
  • The protection you get from this one is excellent


  • The coverage could have been better
  • Getting the plastic ring off the container is a hassle

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Sealer for Redwood Fence

It doesn’t matter how good a sealer is if it doesn’t meet your needs properly. To find the perfect one for your preferences, there are several factors you should consider. Let’s go through the factors you should be checking out quickly –

  • Ease of application

It’s important to consider the application method for your sealer. With an easy application, you can do it without any help or complications at all. There are several methods you can use for applying the sealer to your wood.

You can use a sprayer or brush or even a roller for applying the sealer on your wood. Now, the easiest one here is to use a sprayer. Because using a sprayer you can reach the trickiest corners without trying too hard. Also, it makes the job less hectic and much quicker.

  • Longevity

The longevity or durability of the stain has to be the most crucial fact to consider. When you apply a stain, you want it to last for a long time. The longer it lasts, the more protection your wood gets from adversities like bad weather, UV rays, mildew, molds, and so forth.

You don’t want a stain that doesn’t last at least 2 years or more. So, look for a stain or sealer that can last for 2 years and protect your woodwork properly.

  • Type of stain

Typically, you will come across two types of stains. It’s either an oil-based stain or a water-based stain. Now, if you are an eco-friendly person, then a water-based stain should be your clear choice. Otherwise, you can go for oil-based stains or acrylic ones as well.

With an acrylic-based stain, you get the best protective formula which gives you 100% protection from weather damages. So, unless you are too concerned about the environment, your clear choice would be an oil-based or acrylic formula sealer.

  • Coverage

Well, coverage plays a significant role in choosing your stain. You would cover as much area as possible per gallon of a sealer. However, you can go for a lower number if you don’t even need too much of it.

So, when you are looking at the coverage, consider what projects you will be doing. With a higher coverage area, you will need fewer gallons of sealer for a large job.

  • Drying duration

If you are not rushing to complete the project, then it doesn’t matter too much. However, if you are in a rush, then it’s essential to consider how quickly the coating drying process. The quicker it dries, the quicker you can work on it further.

  • Colors

Since you are working with redwood, you would also want the color to be redwood. You may also come across Cedar, which is pretty much the same as redwood. However, if you want to go for another color that suits your environment better, you can go with them as well. Some stains come with a lot of color options.

  • Opacity

The most popular opacity options you will come across are semi-transparent and transparent. With a transparent, you will get an excellent highlight in the natural grains of the wood. This means they make your wood look much natural and better.

But if you want the best of both worlds, then go for a semi-transparent one. It will give you good protection as well as reveal the natural grain of the wood.

  • Cost

Even though this is entirely a personal preference, but some things do impact the price. For example, if you will use the sealer once or twice, then buying a too expensive one wouldn’t be the wisest choice.

Also, you can avoid getting a professional quality sealer for a DIY or hobby project. But if you are into top-quality woodwork, then you should not hold back on the budget. However, the price doesn’t affect the quality of a sealer too much.

Consider these factors before you buy a sealer for a redwood fence, and you will be good. Going through these will help you find the best thing for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are several common questions people ask about sealers for a redwood fence. Here are some of them –

What’s the best type of sealer for redwood?

Usually, the oil-based and alkyd-based stain works best for redwood. Also, penetrating sealers have the most effect on redwood protection. They provide excellent protection against mildew and molds.

Find anything with an oil-based or alkyd-based formula in it, and you will be good, especially if you are in an area with rough weather.

How do you use sealant on redwood?

Different sealants come with other working procedures. Some require a bit of preparation to work with them, and some you can do without any preparation. Generally, you can either strip or sand the wood before applying the sealant to get perfect adhesion. Also, some sealants require a primer to be used before you can use the sealer on them.

Do I need to seal my redwood fence?

Well, if you want to keep your redwood fence looking good for as long as you want, then the sealant is crucial. It keeps your fence protected against UV rays and weather conditions. As a result, your fence lasts for a longer time. Also, it doesn’t go through issues like fading or darkening.

What’s the coverage area for a single gallon of sealer?

Well, different sealers will give you different types of coverages. Some even give you more than you ever need. The average coverage area for sealers is around 150 to 200 sq feet per gallon of sealer.

So, if you get anything less than that, you can consider that a lower coverage and avoid it. Unless you are working on a small project, you won’t have enough sealant.

How many gallons of sealer do you need for a project?

This mostly depends on the area you are working with. Or you can just consider what kind of project you are doing. If it’s a large project, then you will need a lot of them. For a smaller project, sometimes even 1 to 2 gallons can get the job done.

Here’s how you can calculate how many gallons you will need. First of all, measure the whole area you will be working on. Then check the coverage area of the sealer you are going to buy. Then simply, divide the total area by the coverage area and know how many gallons you will need.

Final thoughts on Best Sealers for Redwood Fence:

To sum up, getting the best sealer for a redwood fence isn’t that difficult when you know what you want. In general, there is not much difference in the quality and the prices of the sealers. So, it mostly comes down to their type, opacity, and finishes. Go by the ones that suit your needs the most.

Personally, the most crucial factor you should keep in mind is durability because you don’t want to use sealant every year. Go for a one with greater durability, and that lasts longer to satisfy your needs.

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