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How to Fix Epoxy Mistakes? – The Full Process

How to Fix Epoxy Mistakes

Epoxy performs greatly in terms of gluing stuff together. Besides gluing, epoxy can give a glossy finish to the surface and many more usages. If you’re new to epoxy, you may end up making some mistakes & that’s totally fine.  Don’t push yourself down if you’ve committed mistakes with epoxy. If you’re asking yourself – …

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How To Remove Epoxy From Any Surface | Can you do so?

How to remove epoxy resin

Epoxy is great in terms of gluing stuff together & we appreciate it very much. For this same gluing nature, it’s challenging to remove from any surface like wood, metal, aluminum, and so on.  Whether you’re a professional or beginner, doing an epoxy job can cause accidental epoxy sticking here and there. If you don’t …

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How To Remove Polyurethane From Wood? | The Full Process

How To Remove Polyurethane From Wood

Polyurethane coating is great from the durability & appearance perspective. Generally, you’ll see two types of polyurethane – oil-based & water-based polyurethane. Both of them have their own advantages & disadvantages. The major problem with oil-based polyurethane is the yellow effect it gets overtime.  On the other hand, water-based polyurethane doesn’t turn yellow, but it’s …

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