10 Best Wood Fillers For Decks in 2021: Editor’s Choice

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One of the toughest challenges that I’ve had to face with keeping my house and porch neat is the woodwork. It’s safe to say that coffee tables and patios have a mind of their own and can shift moods in a blink.


Imagine inviting your friends over, and a random, brand new crack or void shows up on the deck. How embarrassing!  But hey, after years and years of scrubbing and tidying up cracks on wood, I have finally found 10 God-send wood fillers with excellent results that will leave a satisfying smile on your face every time.

Skim through this review and meet the 10 best wood fillers for decks that will elevate your home decor and guide you in fixing any plausible trivial or major split. Let’s get started!

Wood Filler For Decks
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Our Top 10 Picks for Best Wood Filler For Decks in 2021:

01. PC Products PC-Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste

PC Products PC-Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste
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To us, the greater the convenience, the higher its praises should be. And that shall not back down when it comes to this PC products PC-woody repair. Here’s why.

The PC-Woody paste comes in two different cans for you to mix in before each use. After a thorough mix, you will be left with 2 parts of epoxy putty-like paste. Let me ask you this – what else do our exceptional woodworks require other than top-notch convenience?

Efficiency, of course! This jam-packed epoxy set is your answer to high effectiveness and quick results. Trust us on this; the PC-Woody filler will serve you for a life-long run after application.

Versatile wood filler like this shall never go unnoticed, especially as it delivers high compatibility with all kinds of wood, convenience, and life-long service. If you’re looking for the best vertical filler – here’s your catch.

Needless to say, it can survive room temperatures or even the harshest of the sun rays. You can stain or paint with this. With its overall 30-40 minutes of drying time, wood refurbish will turn into a fun task now. So, bring it on!

With its selective formula, you will never witness unexpected shrinkage or cracks due to water or sunlight. What’s even better is its ability to withstand bugs, rodents, and insects inflicted damage


  • Wide-set of the temperature range
  • Comes in two cans for easy mix
  • Higher tack
  • Life-long resistance
  • Applicable on almost all woods


  • Few customers have complained about it being too thick

02. Abatron WoodEpox Epoxy Wood Replacement Compound

Abatron WoodEpox Epoxy Wood Replacement Compound
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Here’s one of the best wood fillers for decks that can work like magic and show you results within the hour. Yes, you read that right!

Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

Customers also rave about its outdoor project handling compatibility. It’s built to show powerful resistance, which gives it a stronger hold on the product once applied. Worry not; even if you let it out in the sun for prolonged hours, it will show no cracking signs.

Perhaps, you need wood fillers for your hardwood work; which product should you incline towards? This is a classic dilemma which the Abatron wood filler can fix within mere minutes. Give it a try!

Since such characteristics are a big-yes for epoxy fillers, you will also favor the fact that it’s a 2-parts solution that arrives in two distinguished tubs. One of the containers has 32oz of hardener and the other 32oz of wood filler.

You can also effectively avoid accidents and fill in missing chipped pieces orbits and forget about it. The shrink-free and 100% solid formula will take care of the rest for you.

Pro tip: Utilize this wood filler to mend hardwoods like white oak. The Abatron isn’t the best alternative for softwoods.


  • Suitable for hardwoods
  • 2-parts formula
  • No-shrink guarantee
  • Easy to paint and sand down
  • Easy to clean and use in exterior or interior projects


  • Unsuitable for softwoods
  • Not applicable to large holes

03. WoodEpox Wood Replacement Compound 2 Pint Kit

WoodEpox Wood Replacement Compound 2 Pint Kit
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Abatron lovers shall unite as we have very assuredly listed yet another 2-pint Abatron compound kit so you can choose according to your budget and liking.

The 2 hardies, plastic containers consist of water-resistant repair wooden surfaces that can escalate your endgame with permanent rebuilds and fills. We’re not exaggerating, even though it sounds like it.

How glorious must it feel to have trademark-looking furniture in your household, right? Now, you don’t have to be foreign to that feeling. We’re all looking for budget-friendly, lightweight wood filler but with a fast drying time.

Let’s face it, we can be calm during the application, but when it comes to drying? Nope, we need immediate results! And if you’re as impatient as me, you will be amazed at this Abatron’s drying and working time.

What else can this sag-resistant and lightweight wood filler do? Oh, nothing but prohibit crumbles, cracks, delaminates and shrinking. Sounds like a big deal? Because it is!

Whereas you can get the personal touch of original woodwork mimics, you can also avail it within 20 minutes. That’s right, with an overall work time of 20-30 minutes, you can color, mold, form, or sculpt it in any way you desire.

Seriously, could this get any better?


  • Extremely durable
  • No-shrink and sag aftereffects
  • Easy to apply and quick dry method
  • Can be molded and shaped flawlessly


  • Some find the product to be too liquidy

04. FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler
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Looking for a deal where one tub of wood filler can do all the work? Sometimes, the 2-part mix tubs are a hassle but, don’t worry, FamoWood has listened to your needs and served respectively.

This simple formula made it to our list of the best wood fillers for a deck because it takes a village to perfect one, do-it-all tub of goodness. Due to its high viscosity, the product is straightforward to apply, and the thick consistency is spot-on for peeking into every edge of even enormous cracks.

Perhaps, you’re used to generic 2-tubs of wood fillers were mixing in the contrasting textures are necessary. But, what a mess that could end up in, right? Not anymore!

Why did we claim that it’s easy to apply? As all you have to do is simply grab your putty knife and start implementing directly on the cracks without having to go through the tiring process of mixing beforehand.

However, the real charm occurs after utilization when you notice that it has the most limited drying time. How does a total of 15 minutes of drying time sound to you?

I’m sure you’re already on board. The 15-minute dry, anti-crack, and anti-shrink component surprises users even more as it’s cooperative with all outdoor and indoor schemes.

So, get down to staining, painting, sewing, or sanding. It can take it all.


  • Almost odorless
  • Suitable for painting and stain
  • Shrink and solvent-free
  • 15 minutes, fast drying
  • Can use both outdoors and indoors


  • A few users have found it to be too grainy

05. Elmer’s E914 Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler

Elmer's E914 Carpenter's Color Change Wood Filler
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Not a fan of colored wood fillers? We’ve all faced the same perplexity throughout our lives. Either you can get your hands on mediocre-quality, clear wood fillers or top-quality and colored finish.

Heck, I’ve never been this frustrated with the lack of choices.

But, what if I told you that I’d found an ideal fix? Keep reading to know how this purple wood filler camouflages in front of the naked eye.

This patent formula by Elmer’s will strike odd at first as it goes on purple. Slowly but, surely it will change into a natural deck color. Intriguing, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for lighter stain wood filler, this is it. It will blend in seamlessly with the deck’s background and leave no sign of the fix-up.

Elmer’s has put enough thought into this production as the purple hue was implemented to know where they’re administered. So, you will never miss a spot or go overboard on your deck.

Well, your prayers have been answered, as this Elmer’s filler can be molded either way for a better match with your surroundings. Choose either of the 4 sizes and 2 colors to tailor your insufficiencies. Good news: It can be coated around pets and children as it’s made with real wood non-toxic products.


  • Purple color fades into a clear texture
  • Can be painted, sanded, or stained over
  • No-messy clean-up
  • Crack and shrink resistant
  • Non-toxic formula


  • Best results indoors
  • Can’t blend with darker tones

06. Elmer’s E855 Carpenter’s Wood Filler

Elmer's E855 Carpenter's Wood Filler
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Since we’re trying to render all of our readers’ requirements, this one’s dedicated to the travelers. A carpenter can be demotivated if not delivered with a cute tube that’s comfortably portable.

The classic Elmer’s E855 comes in a mini 3.25oz tube that’s 7″ long. It’s not only adorable to look at but, you can instantly shove it in your pockets and get to work. With a tube filler very easy to squeezed directly into the pores. The water-based formula is also agreeable with sanding and painting over.

If you’re one who has to roam around with your trustee wood filler, you will relate to this positively and hop onto the site by the end of this review.

Before we get ahead of ourselves about the size, let’s also tell you a bit about the formulation. It’s adequate for tiny surface cracks. And, as the size of the tube itself is petite, you can easily squeeze it in between the smaller crevices and call it a day.

Fortunately, its endless affirmations don’t stop here. It is shrink and crack- proof and can result in smooth and clean seals with every swipe. On the contrary, keep in mind that it’s only best used indoors.


  • Portable squeeze tube
  • Easy to swipe and clean
  • Crack and shrink-free
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Dries out inside the tube sometimes
  • Only for indoor use 

07. J-B Weld 40007 Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty Kit

J-B Weld 40007 Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty Kit
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We can’t let you off the hook without a reliable option that will stick your woods and with you till the end of time. This J-B Weld is evidently one of the best wood fillers for decks because of its shorter cure time.

Let’s keep reading to know if that’s just fluff or legit.

You can prevail the J-B Weld filler in hardener cream version or filler resins. However, when these two are put together in action, it will blow your mind.

After drying down, the putty-like texture turns into a rock-solid wooden surface with the strongest bond and tensile intensity of about 1800 PSI. And the best part? You can shape and mold it via drilling, sanding, and filling or, whichever way your heart desires after it dries down.

If you need a personalized tactility in all your works, this is a hit investment as this hand-mix putty can be readily suitable once prepared. Maybe your projects are prominent or minor, that would hardly ever matter as it’s accommodable to all.


  • Versatile application
  • Fastest cure
  • Paintable and sandable
  • High tensile strength


  • Takes time to set

08. Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler 1 Quart

Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler 1 Quart
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Are you desperately searching for ways to cut time and money while financing the best wood fillers for decks? So are we!

With Bondo Home Solutions, you can mindlessly restore rotten and impaired decks, shutters, patios, furniture, and so much more. You name it, and Bondo will be there to the rescue.

The 1-quart wood filler is apt for packing in holes, cracks, or gaps. Disclaimer: make sure you embed it deep within the cracks before it dries down.

As this permanent solution is uncommonly handy, it will also take less to no time for drying. Luckily, even with such efficiency, it will never crease, chip away, crack or shrink after drying.

And, here’s the prize that all contemporaries fail to reach – it’s weather-safe. So, may it be a rainy Monday or a long summer week, nothing can break this solution apart.

A little sidenote: It gives off a relatively intense smell, which makes it difficult for indoor use. And if that’s a dealbreaker for you, hop on to read the next reviews.

In retrospect, if you’re working in a properly ventilated place, get on with routing, drilling, staining, or sanding with no worries.


  • Applicable to different  types of wood Filler
  • Dries within minutes
  • Durable solution
  • Acceptable to stain and paint


  • The smell can cause eye or skin irritation
  • Thin consistency

09. Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler

Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler
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The Minwax high-performance wood filler has been the talk of the town for a while now. Why is it said to be one of the best? Good question.

Our most prized possession is those wood fillers with an unbreakable, permanent bond that can repair wooden surfaces, nail holes, and other dense surfaces.

Let’s get real, no matter how cheap or expensive our repair kits, such as these filler costs, we’re always looking for that one product that can patch everything. Well, now you don’t have to keep looking.

The drying time on this is about 15 minutes in total. So, you get your value return with effective immediate results. Besides, you can paint and also sand down your artwork without jeopardizing your prized property.

Pro tip: If your work requires screwing afterward, this wood filler will hit a home run. As its strong, anti-crack, and anti-shrink formulation can even muster up screws.


  • Withstands sand, screws, and paints
  • Applicable indoor and outdoor
  • 2-portion epoxy mix
  • Strongest bond


  • It Hardens quickly so users need to work fast

10. Aqua Coat, Best White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler

Aqua Coat, Best White Cabinet Wood Grain Filler
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Lastly, we have a little something for our beloved DIY lovers and professional wood filler dealers. Ready to seal your woodwork?

Let’s dive in!

The Aqua Coat bonds between wood’s grain and pores seamlessly. But it doesn’t stop there. You can paint or stain over it with no low consequences or deterioration of your primitive wood surface.

Speaking of rigid surfaces, be assured that if you’re dealing with oak, ash, mahogany, or walnut, this will be your ride or die for filling seals and grains. The product is harmonious with porous kinds of wood.

Moreover, it’s fast-drying, non-combustible, non-flammable, eco-friendly, waterborne, and has a slight, bearable odor. Don’t worry about the polish either, as the results can turn out to be extra smooth once sanded down with adequate adhesion.

If you want a longer life cycle, refrain from contact on the repaired area with water, rot, and mold. For the best fit, work with water or oil-based primers, lacquer, or paint, and you’re good to go!


  • Environment friendly
  • Smoothest results
  • Best with water and oil-based cooperators
  • Can be mixed with color pigments to get exact results


  • Some  users complained about the uneven appearance
  • Takes longer to dry

Buyers Guide for the Best Wood Fillers For Decks in 2021:

The catch with acquiring the best wood filler for decks is that they’re all not the same. Similarly, the harmed area that you’re willing to eradicate may differ too.

The trick is to know which tear or rotten hole requires which product. And, in order to master that, you must know the kind of wood fillers the market is concentrated with and what purpose they serve. So, let’s read through the buyer’s guide to knowing all the secrets without further ado.

  1. Wood Filler’s Task: Wood fillers have more than one aim for users. Whereas gouges, holes, and divots are all different genres of a defect, so is the filler needed to fill them in. Most other wood fillers are appropriate for filling in large and open-grain holes, which are more evident to the bare eye. In such cases, a coat of elm or oak should do the trick. The filler is versatile when it can effectively fill in pores, deep holes, and voids.
  2. Color: Wood and white shades are most commonly found in the market when it comes to wood fillers. On the contrary, a clear version is also available and much more convenient. Usually, we like a coat of filler that goes unnoticeable, especially when it isn’t covered with a layer of paint. Thus, if you wouldn’t want to be left with a huge stain or obvious fillers’ evident on your work, you can choose filler with a similar color to your project.
  3. Consistency: The consistencies vary between thin or thick for wood fillers. The pancake or putty-like thickness has diverse objectives. Thick fillers are accurate for filling in voids, and thin textured wood fillers are valid for open-grain projects. Thick wood fillers are made of larger particles that will not sit right with open-grain woodwork, whereas thin wood fillers lack the exact amount of weight needed to sit into voids.
  4. Packaging: You can purchase wood fillers in stick packaging, squeeze tubes, or tubs. The ones sold in tubs can be directly applied to the affected area and needs no mixing before application. If you own tube wood fillers, you will only need a dollop of the amount to fill in minor pores and voids. And with stick wood fillers, you will need to tear off a scanty chunk and apply it with your hands.
  5. Environment: Before purchasing wood fillers right off the top, pay attention to its description. It should neatly recommend you if it’s appropriate for exterior or interior use. This indicates how well or poorly the wood filler will hold up only when applied to the recommended zones.

There are also versatile fillers that are applicable for both interior and exterior usage. These are more convenient and hardy as they can withhold to extreme or mere conditions rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

a. How to Prepare Wood Filler?

Here’s our step by step guide on preparing wood fillers.

  • Prepare some sawdust and sand down a wood sample that resembles your project.
  • Stir in the wood filler and collect the sawdust in a concise pile.
  • Coat the wood filler and force in the putty by your hands into the harmed area, usually scratches, gouges or holes.
  • Discard the remainder by hand.

And you’re done!

b. Are wood filler and wood putty similar?

Wood fillers and putty are interchangeable words used by craftsmen. They mean the same thing and serve a close purpose. Even though the products are different, their goal of filling in wood projects is the same.

c. Can I use wood filler to repair my deck?

With Wood deck repair Filler You can repair almost all wood damage. Whether you’re dealing with petite holes from previous nails or deep-seated, rotted wood areas, wood fillers can fill it in. When there’s an unfinished piece or area of woodwork, simply apply the wood filler mix in the wounded places and let it sit until it hardens.

d. Can I fix deep holes?

Wood fillers are great for deeper holes. However, always remember the last step of dealing with deeper holes, which is to sand down the surface to smoothen it out. Allow the place to dry down completely before you paint it.

e. Is it durable?

Even though you get hefty options and color ranges in wood fillers, the clear fillers have always been praise-worthy. This water-based Filler, transparent formula is apt for all exterior and interior filling. Thus, it’s a lot more versatile, convenient, and durable.

f. What is the Best Way to cure damaged Wood?

Besides the primary ways of utilizing wood fillers, you can use DIY hacks for minor scratches and nicks on woods. Mix in 1/4 cups of apple cider, white cider, or vinegar with 3/4 cups of canola oil, and apply on the affected area. Rubbing walnuts on minor scuffs have also shown promising results.


Rather than splurging thousands of bucks on professionals or reluctant purchases, you can finally take the wheel. How convenient is it that, along with your exquisite wood collection, wood fillers and their color ranges, brands, styles, and consistencies are also trying to keep up?

We sincerely hope that with our top 10 best wood fillers for decks, you have gotten all the answers to your misery, just like us! Now, get to work and shoo away that awful, rough patch that’s been gawking at you on your deck.

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